About Jeff Mcneill

Jeff Mcneill

Publishing, Marketing, Devops

I am a publisher and consultant. My value add is combining marketing, content and technical skills in digital and print publishing, online education, and Internet marketing. I’ve been based in Southeast Asia since 2008.

My focus is English speaking markets, and I’ve worked on projects located in South Asia (India, Nepal) and Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Thailand, Viet Nam), and marketed worldwide.

I combine 20+ years of network engineering and technical web, with 10+ years of marketing and brand management, 7 years teaching at a tier 1 research university, and 8 years of international Internet marketing consulting, and publishing in Southeast Asia. I also enjoy being involved in open source software and open content publications.

Benjamin Mcneill

Mcneill, the Younger

I’ve got a new monster at home keeping me busy, along with all my other interests and duties. Wow, what a learning curve. Really a fascinating experience, though the first oh, up until today, has been hell at times, especially the lack of sleep. Also, it seems that all my money now goes to a new taskmaster — worse than most girlfriends I’ve had.

There are benefits, such as upper body strength increasing by leaps and bounds since I’ve got this (currently) 8kg weight that needs to be carried and tossed around.

He came out kicking and screaming (literally to both) and we’ve had him in serious (association) football training every day since. I expect to retire to Barcelona in 15-20 years, if you catch my drift.

Flying and Southeast Asia

Now granted, I haven’t done much of this, but it is already a nascent passion: