Alpha Theme for WordPress

The concept for Alpha Theme has developed over time. As of 29 December 2016, this is a child theme of the Woocommerce Canvas theme. The main focus is to try and build a child theme that itself can be easily adapted for a wide variety of websites. The idea is of course:

  • Fast
  • Mobile Friendly
  • SEO Friendly
  • Responsive and supporting a wide selection of media queries
  • Highly integrated with WooCommerce and WordPress

Fast Websites Load Less

Fast websites have fewer files, and smaller files, and those files are cached in several ways. Fast websites only load what is needed for the given page at the given time (though they may also prefetch).

Alpha Stack and Alpha Plugins

A theme alone cannot achieve the theme goals, therefore there needs to be interation with an Alpha Stack (private) which is essentially the OS and application configuration as well (CentOS, Apache, MySQL, etc.) as well as WordPress configuration.

Alpha Plugins is a catch-all for both the set of plugins and their configuration, as well as any custom plugins needed. There are a few stale plugins that are still very important, including: Markdown Extra, HeadSpace2 SEO, and an older version of Google Sitemap XML.

Bits and Bobs