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APT – Advanced Package Tool

APT -- Advanced Package Tool -- is all that is needed for most application installations when there are repositories which are regularly updated for packages of interest.

Note that apt essentially makes irrelevant apt-get so there is no reason for that redundancy any longer.

Note: Use aptitude when dealing with packages that have upgrade/downgrade issues, as aptitude provides better options for resolving issues. Use the -f flag with aptitude if the downgrading is out of hand.

Update Repositories

sudo apt update -y 
sudo apt update -y -t buster-backports

Upgrade Applications

sudo apt upgrade -y --fix-missing
sudo apt upgrade -y -t buster-backports --fix-missing

Brokent Dependencies

sudo apt install -f

Upgrade Distributon (e.g, Debian Stable)

sudo apt dist-upgrade -y --fix-missing

Clean, Autoclean, Check, Autoremove

All these commands can be run from apt. In particular, autoremove is a good option to keep things tidy.

sudo apt autoremove -y

Purge and Remove

To seriously remove things, do:

sudo apt --purge remove package-name


Sources are found in a few places:

sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list
ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d
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