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Infants and Milk

There is a public perception of the dangers of cow milk for children under 1 year of age. One reads this caution everywhere. However, the idea that a child from one day (365 days old) to the next (366 days old) can drink milk, and even what that means, is a bit odd. My son […]

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Climate as a Resource

Ran across an intriguing study that models climate as a (localized) resource and variable impacts on different kinds of tourism. This looks at the Bay of Palma (Majorca) and in particular shows impacts on seasonality. ... optimal conditions are projected to degrade during the peak visitation period while improving in spring and autumn. That is, […]

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Dairy Farms in Thailand

While specific dairy farms and their cooperatives will be included in this article eventually (it is a work in progress). For now, we will focus on analysis of a whitepaper from the UN Food and Agriculture: The Economics of Milk Production in Chiang Mai, Thailand, with particular Emphasis on Small-scale Producers Basic Findings and Observations […]

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Tonic Water – DIY Foodism

For some reason I have become more and more interested in consuming less-processed foods and beverages. Perhaps it is five years of living in Northern Thailand where very fresh and local food is actually less expensive and widely available. In addition, there are some kinds of foods which have a lot of interesting characteristics, but […]

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