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New Battery for 5 y/o MacBook Air

It cost me 3,300 THB for a new battery array for my 5 year old MacBook Air (2011). Bought new, the system is not often used on battery, but almost daily as my primary computer. Why replace a battery in a five year old computer? Just buy new. Sure, it only has 4gb of ram, […]

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State of Linux 2016

This is meant to be a note, rather than some hazy -- or clear-eyed view. What is interesting to me is the long-awaited 16.04 Ubuntu which promises to have most of the stuff needed for the next few years of tinkering. It is also interesting to see the development of distributions such as ClearOS (a […]

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Browser Wars 2016

Looking at recent data, what I see is the death of Firefox and Internet Explorer. Too bad for the former (you had your chance), and expected for the latter (and no, Edge isn't showing any real adoption rate). One surprise is how Safari is showing uptake on the Mac platform. I find this browser basically […]

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Idiotic OSX Approach to Cooling

My air conditioner died a few days ago and while it is a bit uncomfortable (I’m in Thailand and it is the hot season, so it gets up to around 34c in the office), it is insufferable to work when a 90 thread kernel process has 90% of the processor. It is really hard to […]

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OSX Install March 2016

This is info from a new build of OSX in March 2016. Lots of stuff to install and configure. Eventually everything works out. OSX Configuration Turn on firewall Create new account, set up Delete original account Set up keyboards and languages and shortcut CMD-Space Dock (to right) Turn off Dashboard and Mission Control Set up […]

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OSX Applications

NOTICE: the below was updated on 09-NOV-2014, though still a bit incomplete. Also what is needed is the list of plugins/extensions for the various browsers. Below is meant to help with new OSX installations. However, the list of what is included is out of date. For more recent lists, see: OSX Install - March 2016. […]

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