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Homemade English Muffins

As someone who grew up on Thomas' English Muffins, I had no idea that there was such discord in the culinary community as to how to cook the damned things. I also consider it a distinct failing that it took me until I was 51 years old to actually cook my first English muffin. This […]

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Salad Nicoise

Salad Nicoise, (pronounced sa-lad nih-swaaz), aka Salad Niçoise, aka La Salada Nissarda, aka the salad from Nice (nees). Salade niçoise (French pronunciation: ​[niˈswaz]), la salada nissarda in the Niçard dialect of the Occitan language, is a salad that originated in the French city of Nice. It is traditionally made of tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, Niçoise olives, […]

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Eating Fish Raw and Cooked

Parasites Freezing Fish, Killing Parasites Almost Every Kind of Wild Fish is Infected with Worms "I don't eat raw fish because of what I've seen," admitted the fish purveyor, who sells to many of the city's top restaurants. "I don't eat sushi anymore." ... "I urge people not to cook whole fish because the parasites […]

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Homemade Mozarella Cheese

Many various Mozarella recipes The Kitchn - Mozarella recipe - try this one first Serious Eats - Mozarella recipe 30 Minute Mozarella recipe - Cultured (traditional) Mozarella recipe - Need Rennet for Mozarella Curd - Yes and No 30 Minute Mozarella recipe - Cultures for Health Traditional Mozarella recipe - Cultures for Health […]

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Cream Cheese vs. Mascarpone

Many Mommy and Cooking blogs give a recipe for Cream Cheese which does not include any culture or rennet. That is simply misinformed. Especially for those who claim a cooking pedigree. Honestly, the lies are thick out there. In any case, there is a simple dichotomy when making soft cheeses, in terms of cream cheese […]

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Irresponsible Bloggers

I've run across a variety of advice from know-nothings who can't evaluate the accuracy of statements, and use terms that they are unable to define. It is quite ridiculous, especially among the mommy-blogger set. Examples: Eating peanuts while nursing an infant is fine (no, peanuts actually do pass into breastmilk) Make a citrus enzyme for […]

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Cloth Diaper Detergents and Cleaners

Note: See also Soaps, Cleaners, and Detergents The main issue with cloth diapers (as well as cold water washing machines and line drying), is the need to have clean, smell-free, non-irritating/toxic system for cleaning that works and is cost effective. In this regard the following system seems to be effective: Spray clean all soiled diapers […]

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Haiku and Tanka (and Longer)

Haiku and Tanka

This page is a bit different, which is my on-again, off-again preoccupation with poetry. It started out innocently enough, but then I fell in with the Poets of the Open Range (when living in Denver in the 1980s) and occasionally stalked the poetry readings with the nom de plume Radical Milquetoast.

In any case, my father has a much more storied career as a published writer of haiku and tanka, yet not having ever published a book of his own (he certainly has enough published material for a collection). My guess is he will wait until posterity for such an event. So this is a holding place for his future collection, as well as remnants of my own past efforts.

Line and Poem Length

I do dabble in slightly longer stuff, though nothing epic. Also, the constraints of haiku and tanka I do not take literally (e.g, 7-5-7 or 5-7-5-7-7). There are other Waka forms that might better fit a topic or mood, such as choka, sedoka, and katauta. In any case, poems can be endlessly reworked

Playing Tennis with the Net Down

I remember distinctly many years ago when I showed some early poetry to my father (in the form of a letter) that his reply was a misquoted Robert Frost retort (erroneously attributed to Longfellow):

Writing free verse is like playing tennis with the net down.

This statement should also be understood in a different way, namely, not condemning free verse, but indicating a lack of ability to demarcate how the ball should be ruled (or, I presume, the words must not go out of certain lines). In any case, this has lodged in my craw and over the decades resembled more or less the divide between the modern and the post-modern. It isn't that we don't know the rules, but that the ghostly apparition of rules still exist nonetheless, and that other dimensions -- allegory, antinomy, alliteration, as examples -- can be brought to the fore.

Alliterative Verse

I consider reincorporation of alliterative verse as the pure pursuit and at some future point hope to spend time on this form. In particular, the strict syllable length of Japanese forms (as understood by English speaking reception), combined with a more engaged form of words (think Rilke's Das Rosen Innere).

Zenchine Micropoetry

Many of these, over the past few years have been placed on a twitter account @zenchine which more or less is the confluence of zen and machine (inescapable, I presume).