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Internet Trends Report – 2016

Mary Meeker - Internet Trends - ReCode Conference 2016 Takeaways - Macro and Micro It was great to get some macroeconomic trends in this year's report, so we can see not only inside the industry but externally. And folks, it does not look good for many. 3bn global internet users, growth flat at 9%, decelerating […]

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Evolution is Adaptation, not Fate

Evolution is about adaptation (and natural selection) but the part most interesting is the adaptation that is possible in our individual lives. This does not mean we can become another species in one generation, but that we are an adaptive organism. Some folks talk about evolution in the same terms as fate. While this is […]

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Mindblown This Week

Three mind-blowing things I encountered this week (12 Jan 2013): LED lighting, US oil production, mobile phones as primary computing devices. (more…)

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Up is Down

What does it take to create a new normal? For the body, to make regular exercise the default and not exercising the abnormal condition? By exercise I mean something well, meaningful. (more…)

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