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Math on the Web

Below are bulletted list items. Later this will turn into better copy. Summary: Use Texvc when necessary, and KaTeX when possible. Math in Chrome SVG is the preferred method for Math on Chrome, though accessibility is still an issue Basically, for Chrome, the options are: ship small images at a great expense in time (MathJax), […]

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MediaWiki vs. WordPress

There of course is no MediaWiki vs. WordPress in the sense of a battle. As Wiki and Blog platforms go, each is the winner in their category in terms of raw number of users/pageviews. That said, there are definitely different concers with each platform, architecturally as well as accidentally. And therefore, we dreg up the […]

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Sclerotic Teens – WP & MW

Two very popular content management systems are in their teenage years now: WordPress will be 14 this year, and MediaWiki will be 15. Those are a lot of years on the web. As teenagers, these two successful and interesting projects try and act like the adults they want to be. Unfortunately, this can lead to […]

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