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Status of Copyright – Nov 2016

TPP and Copyright provisions There have been several developments regarding copyright law, the most profound being that TPP appears to be dead in the water. TPP copyright provisions would have negatively impacted many countries in terms of costs to consumers, including Canada, Brunei, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Viet Nam. A New Zealand analysis disingenuously […]

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Private Video Streaming Options

Updated 04-Oct-2016 Public video can easily be hosted and streamed on YouTube at no cost. But for those who want some restrictions on the video, YouTube has only limited options. Currently YouTube only allows sharing private videos with up to 50 YouTube accounts, via including their email addresses or Google+ account, in the video manager. […]

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Progressive Web Apps

Apparently Progressive Web Apps are a thing. (Thanks Leon!) Anyone know of any agencies who've developed #ProgressiveWebApps esp. with service workers? We have a work project for you...— Leon Paternoster (@leonpaternoster) September 12, 2016 While the technology was announced (apparently) in 2015, in the March 2016 Google I/O there were many training and presentation events, […]

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Baidu Webmaster Tools

Baidu has decent webmaster tools. There only comes a problem if one does not read or write Chinese. However, Google Translate can do a decent job. Also, it is possible to create a Baidu account using a non-Chinese phone number for verification. Why Register a (non-Chinese) website with Baidu While it is the case that […]

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Video Workflow – Free Tools

The best part of video is how convenient it has become. However, it is still a lot of work. The tools I like to use also need to be fast... and free. This is an important aspect of liberty. Even for short videos there is usually a combination of images, video clips and audio that […]

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Publishing Linode Guides

Linode is my host of choice. While no host is perfect, I find them to be a good mix of competence, resources, and reasonable prices. They also have a number of different locations. In any case, anyone can write guides for Linode, provided they follow the guidelines. Guides are submitted as pull requests on Github […]

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WordPress Optimization

WordPress can be optimized, but it is best to take a layered approach, and start with the hardware and the network, then work one's way up through the operating system, the web server, php, mysql/mariadb, and finally at the wordpress configuration level. Each level has parameters for success, and any given level can contribute to […]

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Audiobooks – Mono in a Stereo World

Audiobooks are generally a neglected/emerging area in much of the world. If one is in the US, of course it is less of a problem, but even Apple has a half-assed approach currently. Apple / iOS / OSX While it appears Apple is trying to get its act together, it is a far distance from […]

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About Jeff Mcneill

Publishing, Marketing, Devops

Jeff Mcneill

Publisher and consultant. Value add is combining marketing, and technical skills, in publishing, and education. Based in Southeast Asia since 2008.

Worked on Internet marketing projects located in India, Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand, and Vietnam, and marketed worldwide to English-speaking markets.

22 years of network engineering and technical web; 11 years of marketing and brand management; 8 years of publishing and Internet marketing; and 7 years of university teaching.


Diverse skills needed to see the big picture of Internet marketing, and implement the detail. Strong technical and analytic skills, industry and market knowledge.

  • Marketing strategy and tactics, market analysis, brand-building
  • Corporate communication, content strategy, content management, strong editing skills, digital and print publishing
  • Design including website navigation, mobile, logos, typography, brand style guide
  • Internet marketing, search and display advertising, search engine optimization, affiliate programs
  • Development and systems administration of Internet infrastructure, including: security, email, web, and ecommerce
    • RHEL/CentOS/AMI, Apache, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript
    • WordPress, WooCommerce
  • Project Management


2009 - Present

Internet marketing consultant for the past 7 years. Focus has been largely in Southeast and South Asia, including marketing programs that operate in Bali, India, Nepal, Thailand, and Vietnam. The main areas of focus are Education (Foreign Language learning, TEFL training), Hospitality, General Tourism, Medical Tourism, and Voluntourism.

2001 - 2009

After a year off to complete a Masters degree, spent 1 year as a research assistant, and 7 years teaching undergraduate courses and seminars in networking, communication, and marketing, while attending a phd program at a tier 1 research university

1994 - 2000

Following an undergraduate degree, spent 6 years in Information Technology in Fortune 1,000 corporate environments, deploying and managing email, file, database, and web servers in the US, Europe, and Asia. This included network architecture, security, and troubleshooting.


  • 2001 - MS Information Management, UC Berkeley - UC Regents Scholar
  • 1994 - BA, Interdisciplinary Studies, UC Berkeley - Phi Beta Kappa

Markdown Editors, Specs

Markdown, a sleepy little implementation and thousands of related projects has finally metastasized into several projects/collections aimed to provide better guidance. Basically it is growing up, Gruber be damned. As such, editing (and storing) markdown text is important as well. (more…)

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