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Amazon UCC128 Barcode

Anyone wishing to use Amazon Advantage (for media publishers) or Amazon Fulfillment, needs to include barcodes on individual items, so that they are stored and selected as individual units. Amazon provides the following information in one of their PDFs: If you would like to print barcodes directly on Units, use the UCC128 barcode. The UCC128 […]

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Font Natively – WordPress

WordPress is rolling out a Native Font Stack which is meant to stop loading of external fonts (namely from Google). A very worthy endeavor. I've got this stack now running on toward the same end. I'm fine with the typography, and basically it has simply been a drop-in replacement for the previous stack. font-family: […]

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Fonts, Typefaces, Typography

Fonts, Typeface, and Typography -- what a mess. Not only does one have to repeat, essentially, the history of typography and letterpress printing to understand all this, but most fonts, like software, are protected and licensed in strange ways, which can increase risk. And so, we turn to Open Source and Open Content licensing as […]

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3 Fonts with Thai and Roman character support

Update - see this large collection of open source and free Thai fonts, including Fah Kwang and Charmonman listed below One challenge for using Thai script on a computer is that Thai characters are more vertical than roman alphabet characters. If one is mixing roman and Thai characters in a document, the Thai characters tend […]

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