Atom Editor

For Open Source, Atom is a great editor (Brackets is another). But there are still a few warts, and of course plugins must be used for full functionality. All can be installed with:

apm install APPNAME

apm install autosave
apm install dash
apm install language-latex
apm install markdown-preview
apm install meteor-api
apm install meteor-helper
apm install meteor-snippets
apm install sort-lines
apm install tree-ignore
apm install wordcount

Note that for autosave, need to toggle it on in the settings

For themes, I am going with the simple Atom Light UI and Solarized Light syntax.

To open atom, do it from the command line, by cd-ing into a given directory, then invoking it with:

atom .

This will support multiple windows/directories with open tabs.

Another problem currently is with printing, but that we can work around by shoving things through pandoc in the meantime.