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Baby Toothbrushing

My son at 10.5 months has six teeth, four up and two down. He's had them for a while now. He is very fussy around his mouth, because his mother has consistently forced a washcloth into his mouth to clean his teeth and gums. This means he avoids any cloth around his mouth (napkins, etc.) The main problem is the forcing, which he doesn't like (this had happened before with breastfeeding as well). Because he now has avoidance behavior it has become impossible to even force into the mouth. A ridiculous situation.


  • Baby toothbrush with soft head
  • Brush twice a day
  • Don't let baby go to sleep with bottle or breast in the mouth
  • Fluoride, is it in the drinking water? Need supplements?
    • 25mg for children under 3 years
  • Take baby to the dentist at 12 months

Basic Brushing

- Brush the teeth and gums - Let the baby try themselves

How Do I Brush my Baby's Teeth

Knee to Knee Tooth Brushing

  • This technique is for two adults, as well as one adult techniques. The main point is to be thorough.
  • Some great aspects including using two hands, and to stick with it.
  • As above, brush from behind
  • Don't let the child walk around with a toothbrush in their mouth
  • Creating a habit for life

Finger Brush

  • Do morning and night
  • Don't eat or do a bottle afterwards

Kids Dental Caries (Cavities)

How cavities are made (dental caries). Includes a great intro Tooth Brushing Song. (embedding disabled)

Teething Tips

  • Play with ear, excessive drooling, fingers in the mouth: all signs of teething
  • Give up the bottle by age 1
  • First dental appointment 12 months
  • When have teeth, use a toothbrush
  • Once children can spit out, use fluoridated toothpaste
  • Teething pain medicine (topical gel), avoid or limit use

Fluoride and Children

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