DNS, Geo, Failover

While there are problems with using DNS for failover of a website, the main problems, for the small businessman, are as follows:

  • Cheap, reliable DNS (preferably two or three different systems, globally located)
  • Easy to edit DNS zones and records
  • Possible redirection to geographically near websites (with multiple sites)
  • Some kind of failover if there is a site failure

As someone managing about 50 zones, there are few solutions which are reasonable in price (e.g., $5/mo), and none which provide this kind of failover at the level of DNS, GEO support (geoscaling.com was the last I am aware of), and monitoring. And for those with just a few zones but still with an interest in this, how about $1 for 5 zones, but with a six month minimum payment of $6 (and 20% discount for 1 year, e.g., $50/50 zones and $10/5 zones).

This is strange indeed, so people go with a very unreliable system (and may even be largely unaware of the unreliability). I see this as a huge opportunity.

Resources Needed

Note that the kind of resources needed are fairly minimal.

  • DNS Server such as PowerDNS
  • Web-based Zone Editor such as PowerAdmin
  • Use of GeoIP
  • Some servers in a few locations, such as Japan, Canada, and Moldova
  • Server app for monitoring and alerts (sending email, twitter)
  • Some kind of account management tool, including subscription payments


It seems to me that there are a good number of people with my particular problem, who would pay a nominal amount for these services. After all, DNS is a utility that is vital, but should not cost a fortune. Also, once someone has a reasonable service, people will stick with it. If Afraid.org has 2,000 premium members, then that is sizable for a $5/month = $10,000/mo potential. Granted, it could take 10 years to get there, but something like 100 users should cover resources and be a breakeven, and 500 users generate $1,000/month in profit.


The idea of course would be to be for the technical people, and not have to hire any marketing wonks or produce press releases. We can compete with Amazon on price (and also interface).

Additional Integration

  • Note that in addition a short URL service could be included allowing rerouting of urls (e.g., the srl.io idea), using a nice bidirectional coding function.
  • Also, a status page but without all the bells and whistles, just some public-facing monitoring page, for a small price increase ($1/mo/domain).