Five Years Later

What a difference five years can make. It seems like forever, but looking back, it was not so very long ago. Although I've built websites since at least early 1997, this particular blog as a WordPress installation was started in 2006. Five years ago. So that is five years (again, at least) with WordPress, survived numerous hosts (maybe six or seven?), lost innumerable posts, lots of experiments and 404s. And now over 900 random quotes collected.

That said, five years is pretty long when compared with several of my recent projects which are only a few years old. Even my current obsession for a soon-to-be venture is only about four years old as an idea (and idea only, not yet realized).

Give it another five years, we'll see how it turns out...

P.S., is for sale for $150,000 USD. I sold this domain in December, 1997 for $3,000. Fourteen years later... not a bad profit if they can get the cash.