Import Adwords to Bing Checklist

This is a handy checklist since Bing conveniently forgets a few settings, and also doesn't fully support a few features (and so generalizes, naturally).

  • Currency differential in bids and budgets. Bing treats a number as a number, even when Adwords campaigns in Thai Baht is imported into a US Dollar Bing account. Use the bid adjustment. For example, lower the bid by -90% then by -70% for THB to USD.
    • Do this on campaign budgets, ad group bids, and keyword bids.
  • Native Ad bid adjustment, set to -90%.
  • Display network bid, set to 0.05 USD (lowest amount possible).
  • Under devices, Mobile and Tablet bid adjustments appear to be fine, but check them.
  • Country targeting is changed from people in your target location to include those searching for, or showing interest in the targeted location, switch back.
  • Bing metro area targeting in some places is fairly poor, and so one needs to do proximity targeting. In any case, Bing will generalize from a metro area it doesn't recognize to an entire country. Check all geo target settings.
  • Negative keyword lists are not imported, so recreate and apply to campaigns.
  • No display ads are imported, have to recreate and add to ad groups.