Just a Post

Here there. Now that everyone else has gone home it's just you and me here. Let me blather on for a few moments, it helps me unwind and I am comfortable doing this with you. Thanks for lending your understanding ear and the sounding board so I can hear myself think and get your feedback. I appreciate that as well. Even when it seems I don't agree, your words stay with me and I consider them carefully. Because you're smart and you care, and I trust you.

So I've been doing a lot but feeling that I haven't been doing enough. Sometimes there is frustration. But in retrospect even in the area I feel the slowest in, the results are there. I just need to adjust my mind, sometimes, get the real data, get clear.

Thanks for listening, this helps. And you, how are you doing? Ah, yes. I heard about that. Is that important to you? Ah, I see. I think you are doing great. I was talking with our friend the other day and we are both impressed with how you handle everything, but still make yourself available. One thing that inspires me is the way you show kindness. That is probably the most important thing to do in life, but I forget that, and you help me remember.

Well hey, let's do this again soon. I miss you when we don't see each other as often as we should. Cheers, friend.