Markdown Editors, Specs

Markdown, a sleepy little implementation and thousands of related projects has finally metastasized into several projects/collections aimed to provide better guidance. Basically it is growing up, Gruber be damned. As such, editing (and storing) markdown text is important as well.

What to Know - Markdown and Editors

Below are more resources, but in simple terms, markdown (now wrested out of Gruber's grasp), however it may be called or named, is the means by which we edit text that will be displayed in books and on the web and mobile devices. Yes, there are helpers and complementors, and TeX/LaTeX/XeLaTeX does not go away (but becomes more important).

So, all writing should be in this format, get rid of the WYSIWYG, stop using Google Docs, get everything into plaintext with simple markup. True, there are problems with spreadsheets as they don't markup easily/well, but we'll deal with that later.

Editors should be open source, period. Yes, we can use cloud services, but all data in the cloud should be (with minor exceptions such as configuration) downloadable and editable offline (and of course portable, that is in plaintext). Github issues is a great example:

So, we go with the Atom editor. If that makes us a Github fanboy, so be it.

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