Mindblown This Week

Three mind-blowing things I encountered this week (12 Jan 2013): LED lighting, US oil production, mobile phones as primary computing devices.

Caution: objects in the water drop are closer than they appear

LED Lighting

Incredibly long life (27 years?) and comprehensive control of color and intensity, programmatic and wirelessly. The Philips Hue, considered by Forbes to be the best product of 2012, shows us just what kind of control over light is possible.


US Oil Production

US Oil production is set to surpass Saudi Arabia by 2020, due mainly to horizontal drilling and fracking. What this means for oil prices is anybody's guess, as demand is increasing and some supplies are in decline (Venezuela, etc.).

This may be very important in terms of geopolitics in the middle east. In any case, mindblown.

Mobile as Primary Computing Device

Interestingly, the Android, iOS, and Microsoft strategies for mobile device operating systems has the future against it. By that, we already know that our mobile devices will have more storage, more processing power, and become more prevalent. So, why not make the operating system pretty much the same as the one on the desktop and the tablet? Ah, yes a sure bet. Only, that is not what Google did with Android, or Apple with iOS (granted, Apple didn't have that option back when the iPhone was being created, the power and storage was still fairly minimal).

And Microsoft has royally messed up with not having one operating system, or two, but three. Something they learned their lessons from back in the Windows 95/98/ME jettisoning for Windows NT (become 2000/XP), but have seemed to have forgotten. Yes, three OSes to support and three platforms to develop for: Windows Phone 8, Windows 8 RT, and Windows 8. Crazy. So, who is going to do this one operating system to rule them all? Ubuntu.