Podcast – Motorcycle Engine Future Aircraft

Motorcycle Engine Future Aircraft - Jeff McNeill Podcast 2009-12-18

The Honda motorcycle engine as the future of personal aircraft power plants

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  • Emissions
  • Cost
  • Availability
  • Superior Engineering
  • Maintenance

Polution, Polution, Global Warming

One big problem that these airplane engine manufacturers are not taking at all seriously is the issue of pollution, greenhouse gasses, and global warming. We can turn to other kinds of power plants (we can't go fully electric just yet as the cost is currently prohibitive).

Here we have an interesting alternative in terms of the Honda PGM-Fi motorcycle engine emissions standards compliance.

PGM-FI Honda Wave 125i Emissions

Honda 125i and 110i Engines

Honda 110i PGM-Fi Motorcycle Engine

Honda PGM-Fi 110i for Super Cub