MySQL 5.6, 5.7, SQLite

MySQL is good for large multi-user databases. However, when dealing with few changes to the database, and many reads, it is far from a great solution (in fact, is a terrible solution). SQLite is far superior in that situation, and for serial/sequential edits.

MySQL 5.6 vs. 5.7

For those with minimal database needs, 5.7 is simply overkill. It eats ram, and responds badly when that ram is taken away from it (by an obnoxious Apache process, most likely). Oracle, you suck.

Amazon Linux MySQL

The Amazon Linux repository has MySQL 5.6 and that is what should be used, according to Amazon.

Configuring and Optimizing MySQL

Configuring and optimizing MySQL is more art than science. I'm in the middle, so here are some resources:

MongoDB and Redis - NoSQL Options

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