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New Year 2020 / 2563

December 31st, time to update copyright dates, as well as update the new years' resolutions. And it is the close of a decade, so this post will do double duty by reflecting on the previous 10 years, not only a single year. Sure wish we we had fewer fingers and toes, and might be doing this for base 6 or base 8.

This year will attempt to improve upon last year. It was a shit year, sprinkled with the occasional rainbow. The bright spots are mainly two growing boys, ages 2 and 4. Everything else was suffering

Relative Time

Time is relative -- relative to a lifespan, the lifespan of a civilization, or the lifespan of a biosphere. What is relevant determines the outcomes of questions of sustainability and appropriate activity. If the immmediate year is what is important, then things like recycling and waste reduction make no sense.

For a given society there is obviously a distribution of the awareness of time and the fragility (or robustness) of an ecosystem. If we place things like choices at the heart of time awareness (a very western idea), it is the set of possible choices made, that might affect things in and over time.

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If we start with ten million years, and work our way down to the next four hours, none of it makes much sense. At 10 million years anything one human does (besides become successfully fossilized and discovered in the future) is completely inconsequential, an Ozymandias.

My impact on life has never been much, and has shrunk to that of my extended family, largely because my work is done with few other people, and does not produce much visible effect beyond, though written words may be having more impact than measurable.

Step by Step

Rather than being drowned out and eviscerated by time, a focus on steps in front of one make the most sense. If I've got a path to follow (and more or less this is the case) then take the steps as they come.

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