Small is Beautiful

From an entrepreneurial perspective, certain innovation strategies work best with small teams, but can be extremely profitable, much more so than large teams can be. Even global services such as and are eight and thirty-two employees and produce 2-3 million USD/employee in revenue with potentially up to 50% profit margins. This is something that David Heinemeier Hansson alluded to as the true meaning of something scalable and a desirable goal for an entrepreneur in his talk at the Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders in 2010.


Entrepreneurial Scalability

For solopreneurs and bootstrap startups, this presentation by David and the 37 Signals book Rework is composed of brilliant, nutritious insights for the small entrepreneurial team and solopreneurs. One thing I took away from listening to this presentation again, after listening to it last year when it came out, is that the goal is not to hire more people, but to restructure work so that there is more profit per person, and that this is real scalability and success.