Facebook and Twitter Status Update Tools

There are many ways of managing social media messaging. A lot of this has to do with work style and personal preference. It is not yet possible to maintain all the conversations in a single place. Therefore we have to make do and find a way that supports the messaging needs of our networks as well as something personally sustainable.

Facebook Twitter Integration

Since the majority of communication is on the Facebook and Twitter platforms (for me, currently), the first question is how to integrate or provide for some kind of dual-management so that messages do not have to be manually repeated or conversations lost track of.

Facebook as primary interface

  • Link your Facebook Page to Twitter allows for Facebook-to-Twitter message forwarding by type of message (status updates, links, photos, notes, etc.). What is great is that it continues the functionality of pages to act as full profile accounts, just as it is now possible for a page to fan another page.
  • Twitter - Facebook app is an embedded Twitter client inside of Facebook (apparently for those who can't bear to have another browser tab open). It also provides and option to allow Twitter to update Facebook, an can be enabled on a given page as well as the logged-in account, for those who want to echo everything from Twitter to Facebook (see Twitter as primary interface, below).

Twitter as primary interface

  • Selective Twitter - Facebook app echos each Twitter tweet that has " #fb" in it to facebook. What is nice is it allows for profiles and fan pages and has a nice interface that allows for setting different twitter usernames to different pages. Created by Andy Young.

A third interface option - HelloTxt

  • HelloTxt is a great option for updating Twitter, Facebook, Identica, MySpace and LinkedIn, as well as many other social sites you care to use. I enabled the Jabber option and just open my chat client and send the message and it reliably updates all my accounts' status.

Multi-account Twitter interface

I realize there are other offerings out there, but after testing HootSuite and CoTweet, for me the best multi-account tool is the simple, quick and effective TwitIQ.