Tokyo or Singapore Datacenter

Tokyo still top choice for Asia HQ Datacenter

Even with multiple options coming online in Singapore, Tokyo is still the best option for a single, Asia-based datacenter. Even when serving locations such as Thailand and Vietnam, Tokyo is a strong competitor to Singapore.

Linode is my unmanaged VPS of choice. They have a great service, are as reliable as any other, generally very speedy responsiveness, and great prices. They also have a number of locations, including: Germany, Japan, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

When Singapore is a Better Datacenter Choice

My current Tokyo datacenter can't accept new customers, or do any hardware upgrades as it is completely sold out (and has been for a few years now). However, a new Tokyo datacenter will come online by the end of 2016, which is fairly easy to migrate to.

Currently the best option is a Singapore location, then moving to Tokyo when the new system comes online. Or just wait until Tokyo is available and make the move then. Those are the two options.

The only time Singapore would be a better choice, would be if Singapore, and/or Malaysia, and/or Australia are the primary markets, or if there is some kind of legal requirement for being in Singapore.

For East Asia, Little Difference between Tokyo and Singapore

To Australia, a Singapore location would be slightly faster, and to the US and UK, slightly slower. Submarine lines (that run most of the backbone Internet traffic, as it doesn't go through other countries, more secure). More fiber is being built between Singapore and Australia (some of it came online in 2015).

There is a significant interconnect between Tokyo and Singapore (and other countries in between) coming online this year. Therefore to locations such as Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Taiwan there is little difference.

Arctic Fiber Lines

A few arctic fiber lines being deployed which will cut time from Tokyo to the US West Coast as well as Europe.

Single Location - Tokyo

In summary, Tokyo still appears to be the best single place in Asia to be located (which is why it is so popular, and generally more expensive).

Tokyo has have faster speeds to Europe, more redundancy, and faster speeds to the US (already a fast link), and only slightly slower speeds to Australia.

Singapore is slightly faster to Australia, but slower to the US and slower to Europe.