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Transportation – Next Generation

This page will be updated at ongoing, irregular intervals.

Transportation on the Water

One of the more interesting personal water craft is the Mokai powered kayak. - Painless Mokai aftermarket products to improve the kayak This would be better as an electric watercraft. Not only would it be silent, but likely the maintenance costs would lower. Range is the only issue (and of course cost of batteries). External/additional batteries could be configured. Something like the Kok river would be quite nice, though perhaps too far (too much sun, up to 4 hours), depending on the traveler.

Onroad and Off Road Transportation

For full offroad RV, the Terracross TC55 Comfort Plus is a bit over the top (and expensive) but could certainly be built by oneself in a scaled down version. It is a fairly interesting realized vision.

## Ox GVT

Bollinger B1

  • Bollinger B1 - TopSpeed If one takes the Ox and mounts it on an electric moter of this sort, with the kind of towing capacity, then a whole different kind of vehicle presents itself:

Bicycle - Next Generation


Electric Aircraft


Electric Motorcycle


Wing in Ground Effect


Jet Boats


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