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ufw, firewalld, iptables on Amazon Linux

ufw is known as a Debian (and Ubuntu) firewall, which is disabled by default but easy to use. There are some GUI front-ends which make it popular for Linux on the desktop. Coming from a CentOS background (RHEL/Amazon Linux AMI), ufw is not as common (as, say firewalld, or simply iptables, to which both ufw and firewalld are more or less interfaces). Recall that netfilter is where the actual firewalling takes place, with iptables an interface on top of that, and ufw/firewalld as interfaces on top of iptables. Given this, there is no reason why ufw or firewalld cannot be run on any linux, provided packages (or compiling) are available. - See comparison of commands for iptables, ufw, and firewalld - Firewalld: improving security of EC2 - Introduction to uncomplicated firewall (ufw) - UFW Essentials - How to Configure a Firewall with UFW - UFW man pages (Ubuntu 8) - How To Setup a Firewall with UFW

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