WebP – Web Image Format

See also discussion of Image Optimization for the Web

Note this is a brief note, as WebP is less interesting than originally thought. Yes, this format is out there, and yes, it can in many cases reduce the size of images by a certain amount. However, browser support is not complete (therefore you still need jpg/png images). And, most editors do not support this image format, so it can't be edited or used in any way other than viewing by some browsers.

Unless and until full support by editors as well as all browsers is available, this will do little more than consume devops efforts for very little return on investment.

Resources and Notes

if just want to do a lossless duplicate, the ImageMagick command is:

convert input.png -define webp:lossless=true output.webp

Note: Facebook had a variety of pushback when they tested out WebP use.

My guess is we should wait until our tools/viewers deal with this format natively. But also, as the article mentions, there may be image differences (but even with lossless???)

  • Here is an OSX Quicklook preview plugin https://github.com/dchest/webp-quicklook
  • Google WebP page

Apparently already implemented in Gimp.

For Inkscape, there is a unassigned feature as well as some interest on doing a WebP export akin to a JPG export from Inkscape.

See also discussion of Image Optimization for the Web