WooCommerce Plugin Sites

There are several sites which sell unlimited access to a large number of WooCommerce and other themes and plugins. These sites are taking advantage of the GPL which allows for free distribution, though it is unclear if they are violating use agreements (or trademarks). In any case, each of these sites has a set of plugins, many are on all sites, but not all.

  • WooTheme Plugins $ 99 USD/year (best yearly price)
  • gplChimp $ 15 USD/mo - Lots here
  • Effectio $ 15 USD/mo - Some stuff here, too
  • Sozot $ 15/mo - Nice collection of Woo, other plugins, and themes

There are also a few free sites, not sure if they have done something to the code.

To test drive a bunch of themes or plugins, either use the free sites or get gplChimp (which has a few items that Effectio does not), and then if updates are needed more than 3x per year, move over to WooTheme Plugins. Personally I find that gpldl is very full featured for registration-only, no cost.